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Algae Technology


In this blog, Neslihan Say (Algae Team Faculty Advisor) told us about Algae Technology:

Microalgae based energy production is a young and promising technology which has been investigated for last decades. The only example of residential application of this technology has been built as a façade system to cultivate micro-algae to generate heat and biomass as renewable energy sources by ARUP. In that project the biomass and heat generated by the façade are transported by a closed loop system to the building’s energy management centre, where the biomass is fed with chemical fertilisers and COand harvested through floatation. With a similar but much more environmentally friendly approach, we’ve been designing a system which utilises waste streams of a residential building unit. Being a nutrient source as a fertiliser is a well-known characteristic of sewage streams as its being a popular research topic. Scientific researches have proven that it is a suitable resource for microalgal biomass production as well. In regard to results of our experimental studies which are being conducted in YTU Environmental Engineering Laboratories by our Algae Technology Team, we have been working on design&optimisation of a waste-to-energy system. By this way, we will be using sewage streams of the house in order to produce microalgal biomass then mixing it with organic solid kitchen waste for anaerobic biogas production in our project. It is planning to design a microalgae pond as a part of landscape design which enables to stack gas (exhaust of heat&electricity generation process) sequestration by microalgae during the photosynthesis process and O2 release through the atmosphere. Thus when the cycle completed the system will approach us to a zero-waste house design.

Yıldız Technical University Environmental Engineering Laboratories



 Photo 1: Algae growing in the algae pool.



Photo 2: Our Algae Team in Environmental Engineering Laboratory



Algae Team Faculty Advisors 

Dr. Neslihan Say  

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebru Akkaya

Dr. Emine Can Güven

Algae Team Members

Ece Zeynep Kalyoncuoğlu  (Yıldız Technical University)

Seda Kundakçı (Yıldız Technical University)

Hüma Çelen (Istanbul University)

Saniya Üstün ( Yıldız Technical University)

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