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What is Solar Decathlon Africa 2018?


Who is Team Bosphorus?


What is ReYard House?


Solar Decathlon Africa 2019

Solar Decathlon is a collegiate competition of 10 contests that challenge student teams to design and build full-size, solar-powered houses. The winner of the competition is the team that best blends design excellence and smart energy production with innovation, market potential, and energy and water efficiency.The first African Solar Decathlon will be held in September 2019 in the green city Mohamed VI of Benguerir, Morocco.

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About us

Team Bosphorus

Team Bosphorus is consortium of two university teams; Yildiz Technical University and İstanbul Technical University from Istanbul that represent Turkey at the Solar Decathlon Africa 2019 competition. The team is made up of 10 small teams which are Architectural Team, Mechanical Team, Sponsorship Team, Construction Team, Electrical Team, Health and Safety Team, Algae Team, Life Cycle Assessment Team, Design Team, and Marketing and Communication Team. The aim of Team Bosphorus is not only to design, build and operate an energy efficient house, but also consider the environmental impacts of the house and the operation process throughout its life cycle.

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Team Members

Esra Kıygın

Project Manager

Esra Kiygin is recently graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Product Design department. She has awarded in several national design contests. She is working as a freelance product and graphic designer, and project manager of our team.

Ilgın Yeşim Eldeş

Primary Contact Person

She graduated from Maltepe University, Department of Architecture in 2013. Between 2014 and 2017, She worked as a communication editor in BETONART Magazine, BETONART Architecture Summer Schools. She was a graduate exchange student at Universidade de Lisboa in the fall semester at same year.  She is a student at the Architectural Design Graduate Program at ITU

İsmail Çelik

Mechanical Team Leader

İsmail Çelik graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. While he has been studying , he had done internship in mechanical project design companies in Istanbul and Moscow.

Aslı Aldemir

Architectural Team Leader

Aslı is an architect and a master student in architectural design program in Istanbul Technical University. She is interested in ecological architecture and examine the relationship between sustainable design, nature and science. She worked in various architecture offices and was a part-time lecturer at Sakarya University for 2 semesters.

Tarık Ateşer

Construction Team Leader

Tarik Ateser graduated from Civil Engineering Department in Istanbul Technical University. He had construction engineering and structural design engineering experience in his internships at Maslak1453 project and Ateknik Structural Design Office. He is working as structural design engineer at Ateknik Structural Design.

Onur Yılmaz

Design Team Leader

Onur Yılmaz was born in 1997, Istanbul. He is an undergraduate student in Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Product Design department. He is interested in sustainability design and functional design.

Merve Karamustafa

Health & Safety Team Leader

Merve Karamustafa is an occupational health and safety specialist at Yıldız Technical University. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and currently pursuing as a PhD student in Industrial Engineering department Health and Safety programme at Yıldız Technical University.

İrem Esen

Mechanical Team Member

İrem Esen was born in 1989, Istanbul. She was graduated from mechanical engineering at Yıldız Technical University in 2012. She has been doing masters degree at Heat Fluid programme in Mechanical Engineering Department in Istanbul Technical University.

Avni Yılmaz

Architecture Team Member

Avni Yilmaz is an undergraduate student at Architecture department in Yıldız Technical University since 2014. He is interested in ecological design and buildings.

Bekir Süleymanoğlu

Architecture Team Member

Bekir Suleymanoglu graduated from Architecture department in Yıldız Technical University since 2013. He is interested in ecological design and buildings.

Ege Nurcan

Design Team Member

Ege Nurcan was born in 1997, Istanbul. He is an undergraduate student in Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Product Design department. He has product and concept manufacturing and assembly line design experience in his internship at Ford Otosan. He is interested in sustainability design and functional design.

Ahmet Can Bölük

Construction Team Member

Ahmet Can Bölük is studying Civil Engineering and Architecture (double major) at Istanbul Technical Unıversity. He is interested in high performance building and sustainability design.

Talha Öz

Mechanical Team Member

Talha Öz was born in 1996, İstanbul. He is studying mechanical engineering at Yıldız Technical University. He is interested in air conditioning systems and energy systems.

Ece Zeynep Kalyoncuoğlu

Algea Team Member

Ece is studying Environmental Engineering at Yildiz Technical University. She studied Russian language three semesters in National Research Nuclear University in Russia. She was a campus director of Hult Prize Yildiz in 2017. She is interested in renewable and alternative energy sources.

Our Project

ReYard House

“ReYard House” concept will provide energy efficiency at the push of a button to a new generation of middle-class environmentally conscious homeowners.

The design of Reyard House will emphasize sustainability, flexibility and innovation while considering the wisdom of the past. Hence, the multi-disciplined students of Team Bosphorus evaluate vernacular architectural heritage of North Africa to be able to find solution for today’s habitation problems in ReYard House. Read more about ReYard House

ReYard House Highlights

Redesign and Rethink of Courtyard

We have called our project as Reyard that’s because it is gatherd from two architectural manner; re- newable energy and courtyard. The main structure of our design is based on a closed middle courtyard which is con- nected to the each room.

Natural Building Materials

As a team, we decided to use soil based material to construct our building which takes part in Moroc- co’s architectural identity, and is a sustainable material. We aim to show that traditional and technological methods can be combined by using local materials with innovative construction techniques.

Micro Algae and Waste Management

ReYard house takes the sustainability and zero-waste concepts as primary design criteria. All sewage and the kitchen waste of the house will be treated and converted into energy utilising several innovative technologies. After a rapid organic carbon removal process, nutrient rich biologically treated wastewa- ter will be fed to the Algae pond which is designed as a part of landscape design.

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